Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girls are Sluts

Last night in the dorms at 2:30ish, I heard a bunch of guys coming back from their clearly epic Friday night.  They were all clearly drunk, and yelling towards each other. Naturally, I tried to hear what they were saying and the first thing I heard out of one of their mouths was "She's a f***ing faggot!!".

Really dude? Or are you just pissed that she did something that you didn't like? Anyway, so amidst all of the yelling and testosterone, one of them moves everyone to a dorm room to compress it all.  Even though my window was only cracked, I could still faintly hear them yelling at each other.  All of a sudden, a chick yells out her window, "Shut the f*** up!!".  As if by instinct, they responded.

"You shut the f*** up, whore!"

Eventually, both parties shut up for the most part.  It was not until about 30 minutes later that the testosterone-ridden guys came tromping through the halls again, banging on doors and walls, and yelling and cursing about things that aren't even curse-worthy (i.e."Where the f*** is my sweatshirt?!").  The focus seemed to then turn to another person of the male gender that had done something wrong.  Luckily for me, the main guy decided it was a good idea to go "kill him" and his other friends took off after him trying to change his mind.

The thing that kind of stuck with me was how they talked about/to these girls.  I hear it all the time, especially in the college atmosphere...a girl that does something- anything- wrong is the equivalent to a slut, a bitch, a whore, a tramp, or some other general sexual insult.  As a girl, I just don't understand where that comes from.  Is it because they see on TV or movies that a man in "power" can call a girl anything he desires?  I'd bet that 85% of the time a girl is called a slut, she hasn't done anything that would put her in that category.  Yet I hear it on a daily basis.  And it's definitely not just guys.

Although I have to admit it sounds worse to me when a guy says it...I'm not sure if that's me being a girl, or me being on the side where men respect women.

That's another thing...I never referred to these people as men or women.  Unfortunately they're at the age where most would refer to them as such, but there's no way I would call any of those guys "men".

I guess there wasn't much of a point to this aside from the fact that I don't really understand why that is the common insult for males to females.

Alright, enough of a ramble. I'm determined to buckle down for the rest of this semester.

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