Sunday, November 20, 2011


I feel myself growing and thinking about different things everyday, which is good I think.

One of these thoughts/feelings is that I feel like I'm annoying to some people who I actually don't want to annoy...other people, I don't care about as much in this case.  I know that I can be very motherly and beg for people to take medicine, or eat food, or wear a coat, but I need to step back and remember that these people are grown.  I feel like a parent when I say this, but it's just that I want the best for intentions are always good! But this is where I'm a little torn. I know people change through their life, but then there's other aspects where it's like "that's just how you are."  So do I go with my gut and still do my motherly nagging, or do I drop it completely?

Perhaps I'll have to try both to see what works best.

It will definitely take some real discipline to stop doing as many things for other people and reminding them of things, etc.  Another thing I think I want to get out of this is for people to not take me for granted.  It sounds silly, I know, but I also know some people just plan on me doing things like nagging/reminding and that's that. Is it wrong to not want to be taken for granted?  What if they're not taking me for granted already??  I don't know...

We'll see how this goes.  It'll be interesting.

Feeling bad now.


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