Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Mother

I had this dream last night.

I was a little older, in my mid-30s probably.  I couldn't see myself because I was looking through my eyes, but I saw my hubby and he was in no means old, but definitely oldER than where we're at now.  Anyway, he was the coach of some kind of team, or leading an event, or doing an activity with a class he was teaching.  I was sitting along one of the edges of a room and some older kids (either high school or college) were doing an activity with him in the middle of the room.  For some reason, I remember the color blue because I think they were all wearing bright blue robes or jerseys or whatever.

So I was sitting and watching and enjoying myself and all of a sudden three girls (aged about 9,12, and 17) walked in.  They were fairly light-skinned... about my complexion or a little darker, and they had beautiful hair and all three of them were absolutely gorgeous.  Still looking through my own eyes and still sitting down, each of them came over and hugged me and I asked them how their day was. I was their momma!!

I asked my second child if she had homework and she said a little bit and I asked her what she had to do.  She seemed hesitant to tell me but I pressed her a little and was like "it's ok, just tell me what project you've got".  She told me and I was like "I'll help you with it later if you want!" and smiled.  And she hugged me.

It was the BEST feeling ever...I wish I could explain it.  It was so realistic even though I knew it was a dream.  I was so happy and proud of my girls. The funny thing is that I don't even want girls...I want boys.  But obviously I'll be happy with whatever I end up having.

Anyhow, the activity was over and we got into our very nice car.  Ave was in the front and our oldest was shotgun.  I was in the back with the two little ones, and for some reason we went to a toy store.

That's all I really remember, but I just know that I was so happy.  And thinking about it now makes me happy.


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