Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mawage is what bwings us togetha today.

What to write...



I was checking out my Facebook today and on my timeline I saw some pictures of one of my friends and her fiance.

Engagement pictures.

Ah yes, it is that time.  Everyone has just graduated from college and is moving on to the next phase of their lives.  Which means that of course some of these guys popped the question to their honeys.  And why not?  What better time than now?

Now before you start running to tell my boyfriend on me, know that I beat you to it.  We had an amazing conversation about what we expect from the future very recently and I reminded him that I want to get married young.

"Well, what do you consider old?" he said.


Needless to say, that was the moment where he may have freaked out just a little bit.  But he was amazing and wasn't upset, and wanted to keep talking about it.  Just to clarify, I don't think 24 is old.  I just want to get married young. Very young.  As in, I would get married tomorrow if it was feasible.  However, I want both of us to finish undergrad and get through that phase of our lives first.  But I want to get married young because I want to experience things with him.  I want to be able to travel and have plenty of time with just the two of us before we have kids.  I want to have a partner by my side.

My parents got married at age 22.  My dad proposed in college and my mom was engaged her senior year.  They are incredibly happy and their relationship is amazing.  I want to be them.  I know that people are different and relationships are different, but I am a largely dependent person and am definitely ready to have someone with me.

However, I'll wait if that's what he wants.  My boyfriend is the absolute best, and I am confident that I want to spend my life with him, and he tells me that he feels the same.  But I would rather wait and keep him than pressure him and lose him.  So we'll see what the future holds.  Fingers crossed for sooner rather than later!

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