Friday, December 11, 2009

Life Isn't About Endings, Is It? It's a Series of Moments.

It's really cold. Can I just put that out there? Really really cold.

I really didn't like talking to Cathie today. Cathie is the psychologist I've been seeing at CAPS. She's a nice person, but today was just bad. She was asking me about happiness and why do I feel worthless etc. I dont know. I just know I'm happier here than I am at home. I love seeing and being with my family, but my family here is constant. I'm around people 24/7. That is such a weak rant about today. I mean, of course it was deeper and more intense than that, but idk. Whatever Cathie.

I know today I'll be upset. A week from today I'm leaving two of my best friends. And I hadn't really thought about it til now but it's bad. Like, potentially crying bad. Hopefully not, it's really not that big of a deal, but as we all know im awful with change. And this is a huge change. Kacie's stuff for moving out has been arriving, and it sucks.

Lucky for me I have another best friend. Well I guess for Kendal's sake, I must specify it by saying "I have another best friend...who's really my more than friend now." This makes me happier than I have been for awhile. I don't really know how to explain it, but I've just never been this close to anyone in my entire life. And now for my best friend to also be my "significant other" (or whatver termonology you'd prefer to use), it's just like the best aspects of my life all combined. So yeah, I'm on this weird kind of high this week. Don't laugh at me.

Now it's time for physics and soc. Sooooo, updates later.

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