Sunday, December 6, 2009

Over My Head

So canning.

Canning sucked. I mean, not like people or whatever, but we didn't make that much money and it was a miserable day. Sooo lesson learned I guess. I'm just frustrateed that people keep flaking. Like, after they commit. I dunno why that bothers me sooo much but it does. Especially with all the work that goes into something as seemingly simple as canning.

Ugh I'm so exhausted. In the past 4 nights I've slept for 12 hours. As in total. And then I get into that frustrated "why can't I sleep? I'm sooo tired!" mode. Which I'm in now. Good thing for bro. Oh goodness, I love him so much and it's annoying that I don't know to express it. Whatever.

Freaking psychologist gave me a stupid "homework" packet. Forreal. I'm sorry lady, but there are some things I just cannot tell you. Don't give me this bullshit assignment.
Alright, sorry, she knows what shes doing, but it irks me. I hate that something is obviously wrong with me. And when people start talking about medication...that will put me over the edge sometimes. I get upset over that. Maybe it's dumb, maybe it's not, but it happens.

I clearly just don't get a lot of stuff thats happening.


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