Thursday, December 31, 2009


To be completely honest, I'm not really excited about the New Year. I mean, I'm always excited for the future and what it might bring, but New Year's Eve just doesn't seem fun this year. Just like every other holiday.

It sucks. :(

I want this to be a time of reflection or new committments or something, but really, I feel as though I do that almost every day. Through blogging, or talking to my friends or family, or just reflecting by myself. Yeah, the coming of the new year makes me look back and appreciate and analyze and contemplate what has changed in my life. I've realized so much about myself and come so far in the past year as far as maturing and setting my path. I've gotten close[r] to people who have changed my life dramatically, and dropped people who brought me down. I have been disappointed, scared, anxious (ha), excited, and at some of my lowest lows and highest highs ever. I was able to learn from myself and others in ways I had never expected.

I guess this night is more about reflection, rather than setting goals all of a sudden that kick in at the stroke of midnight. My goal is to make this year better than last year and use all I've learned to do so.

Happy New Year.

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